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Our Standarts:

In BURPLAST “ Quality is provided when producing at first ” principle is the basis of our quality policy. This principle is put into practice in all our processes.

To this end

  • Do it right the first time and each time,
  • Manage and keep entire process under control from customer order to delivery
  • Accept the next operation and process as if it’s our customer
  • Reduce commissioning and process times
  • Create added value by improving our workflow processes
  • Our resources (our capital, our equipment, our human resources and our knowledge) to protect,
  • Our business, job security, cleanliness and order,
  • Striving for continuous improvement and to increase our market share

BURPLAST activities;

  • With the quality system we created based on ISO / TS 16949 standards and customer specific requirements, we deliver customer demand products at the appropriate quality, at a competitive price,
  • Yenilikçi ürünler, yüksek kalite düzeyi, ürün güvenirliliği ve sürekli gelişme ile maliyetleri düşürmeye ve verimliliği arttırmaya,
  • Innovative products, high level of quality, product reliability and increase productivity and reduce costs through continuous improvement,
  • We approve the most important investment of effort for the development of human resources and ensure their satisfaction by providing better facilities,
  • The partnership with our suppliers to be in cooperation with the angle of view and to provide for their development efforts,